Free Standing &
Pylon Signs


Intercity Signs manufacture, supply and install freestanding, monument and pylon signs and have produced some of the most innovative and eye catching free standing signs in Tasmania. 


We have the expertise and manufacturing facilities to ensure even the biggest signs are installed problem free, are built to last and are visually superior creating massive impact.


Among the largest and most eye catching signs you can install, free standing and pylon signage can provide a sense of grandeur and promote consumer confidence.


Pylons are great for attracting new customers as drivers can see your sign from a distance. Pylons are especially useful for businesses that are at a distance from the main road.


A practical solution for a shopping centres or complexes housing multiple businesses, Pylon signs allow each store or business to promote their own brand on the one sign, increasing exposure and helping to easily direct customers.


We make high impact custom built pylon signs of any size which can be illuminated and promote a single or multiple businesses. We can work with you to design a pylon suited to your individual needs and budget.